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is Jelle van Dun's new animation agency wich designs powerful animationconcepts and uses different animationstyles to create original films.

Click the following link to visit ANIMATE the WORLD's website and view the showreel.

Contact Jelle for info or requests:


Credits Canon Digital Ixus & Powershot Animation
Director: Jelle van Dun

Animation Studio: Pedri Animation BV
Light: Jorrit Garretsen
Sound: Aquest
Colour Correction: Ultimate
Lead Agency & Concept: Twofish


The BBC will broadcast 6 films from Jelle. The films will be part of a new TV show called Teethgrinder, starting January 2009.

Jelle also developed a series of animated "stings" for the show. Stings are short bits of a TV show. They are used to shortly break down the show in an original way to keep the viewer's interest.

Before this TV networks such as MTV, the CW(USA), MDR(Germany), Deutsche Welle, VARA(Netherlands) and The Box(Netherlands) have broadcasted films from Jelle.

Check the video at the right side of this site to see an example of a short animated film for VARA's TV show De Wereld Draait Door.


Jelle is Elsevier's talent in issue number 8! He's been interviewed and photographed for this leading dutch magazine. The issue releases the third week of february and Jelle makes his appearance in the talent column of the culture section.


Business magazine Bizz' website features an article about Jelle van Dun's succesfull internetfilms and the founding of ANIMATE the WORLD.

Click here to read the article (in Dutch).


In coöperation with advertising agency BrandBase Jelle develloped the Consumentenbond Testlab Quiz. Obviously Jelle was the one to animate the Testlab professor and the 10 short stop motion animations accompanying the questions of the quiz.

Consumentenbond is the Consumers Union in the Netherlands.

Play the Consumentenbond Testlab Quiz (only in Dutch language) here:


A half year ago there was already a report about Jelle on Deutsche Welle TV. This new report will flash back to the previous one and will show new work of Jelle. The report is also broadcasted on the German TV station MDR.

View the report in English at the right side of this website -->

View the report in German here.


Jelle produced 2 unique animated films to promote the services of Instituut Schenkel. The services Examentraining (Training for Exams) and Huiswerkbegeleiding (Homework tutoring) are transformed into a fresh mix of Stop Motion- and Flash animation. For extra online advertisement Jelle also produced a Flash banner in the same style.

Click the pictures above to view both films.


Canon launched it's new Ixus and Powershot models in a spectacular way at it's European press release party recently. Jelle directed an original animated film wich made sure the press was amazed.

Now this animated film is also launched on the internet as a viral marketing film.

To view the film and get to know more about this great production, you can go to the right side of this website.


From 22 till 25 November in Eindhoven the STRP Art & Technology Festival will take place. During this festival the National Institut for Animation films(NIAf) will honor the famous George Pal with films of Dutch stop motion animators.

"Between 1934 and 1939 George Pal animated stop-motionfilms with a team of 25 people for instance for Phillips. These 'propagandafilms’ were true filmproductions wich were made in different languages and published in several countries."

My Animated World will be played in the stop motion Compilation from NIAf. The film is also part of the NIAf archive now. This archive is used by, for instance, film- and animationschool students.


Because of the succesful presentation during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, Jelle is again invited to speech at a Pecha Kucha Night. This will take place at Off Corso in Rotterdam. Jelle will show a compilation of his stop motion films and comment on them.

More info in this flyer


During Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, there will be a Pecha Kucha Night. This Japanese format allows 20 creatives to present 20 "slides" of 20 seconds. Dit format has already conquered Tokio, Londen, Syndey and Rotterdam and will also do so in creative Eindhoven.

Jelle is invited to show his work at this night. This night is a cooperation between Studium Generale (TU/e) and the Design Academy Eindhoven.

Date: 24 october 2007
Time: 20.20
Entrance: free
Location: Gaslab TU/e (Tech University Eindhoven)

More info at


Jelle produced an internet commercial for SWISS International Airlines. This commercial will be launched as a viral marketing video. This means the video will be spread by itself on the internet. For instance through weblogs and videoportals.

More often a viral marketing video is launched because it's a great way to reach a big audience without having media costs.

The commercial can be viewed here:


Jelle has animated
3 viral marketing videos for most different international clients. These clients are Swiss Air Lines, and

The videos are due to be released in September. At the time these videos can also be viewed on this website.


Recently I've been filmed a whole day for the german (international) TV station Deutsche Welle

For this report they filmed my real life in contrast to
My Animated World. You can see me working on my new film for example. I also explain how some scenes from My Animated World were made.

The report will be broadcasted in September.

By clicking the following link you can view some test shots for my new film:


My Animated World keeps going strong by the request of MTV Networks Europe to send in the film for their new show called Best.Show.Ever

My Animated World has been viewed over 1,5 million times on the internet and will soon be broadcasted at the channels of MTV.


Dutch TV station Vara requested a new series of vingles(video jingles) for the show De Wereld Draait Door. They feature the reporters of the show called "de Jakhalzen". (the Jackals)

Jakhals isolde waiting. The banana eats itself.

I shot the stop motion animations for the new vingles in a studio in front of a bluescreen. This makes it possible for "de Jakhalzen" to fit in background wich fit with the reports they make.


My Animated World is released a while a go but is still being watched by about 4000 people daily, and is commented a lot. On many international weblogs and filmwebsites are articles about my film.

The following article also covers My Animated World and has been published in a German newspaper called Süddeutsche Zeitung. This article is very well written and covers my film in a much deeper way. The film was shosen internetfilm of week 3 in March.

A quote in German:

"My Animated World" ist eines der qualitativ hochwertigsten Videos, das man auf den Filmportalen findet. Dieser Clip, eine mitreißende Bild-Ton-Kollage, an der der User JelleVanDun sechs Monate lang gebastelt hat, hätte auch bei einem Kurzfilmfestival gute Chancen. Jelle zeigt in 4:56 Minuten einen Tag in seinem Leben und wie sehr eine visuelle Subkultur seine Wahrnehmung der Welt beeinflusst."

The great article can be read here.


Shuffle is the most popular dance-party of Haarlem.
By request of the Shuffle organisation I made a compilation DVD of my work. It contains My Animated World, the Buxus animation, a few original stop motion experiments, and a preview for my next film.


The 1st of December 2006, Techlifestyle magazine Bright organized: the playground for digital lifestyle, expo for creative design, show of cutting-edge technology, called Bright Live. It takes place at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. At this event they showed my movie, My Animated World.

Quote from the website:

"In the movietheathre you can amaze yourself by watching the stop-motion skills of Jelle van Dun from Breda in his film My Animated World."


The "Nederlandse Game Dagen" (Dutch Game Days) conference took place in Utrecht from the 18th of November till the 26th of November. The NLGD conference provides educational, networking, and business opportunities for game development professionals driving the growing game industry.

The organisation of the NLGD asked me to make an interesting stop-motion animated trailer.
The trailer will also function as visual decoration at the event.

Also, I was asked to design the visual support for the granting of the Spill Group Game Award at the NLDG of 2006.

The trailer can be viewed at:

The game award visuals can be viewed at:


Recently, an interview with me has been broadcasted at the music station The Box during the show Moccah.

Moccah is a television show at which talented or remarkable people tell about what they do in life, they explain why they do it and how they do it.

In the interview about my movie “My Animated World” I tell about my passion for stop-motion animation. Also, I explain how this technique is being used for making movies. The will also show pieces of My Animated World during the interview.

You can watch the interview (in dutch) by clicking
this link


In October’s issue of techlifestyle magazine Bright you can read an interview with me about My Animated World and My own company.

The article belongs to the section The Bright Bunch. The Bright Bunch are people with a sparkle in their eyes. Passionate. Optimistic. Open minded and drawn to new things. Ambitious but playful. They are creators. They are smaakmakers. They are children of the digital revolution who know their way in the network. They use the tools of today to create.



For Vara’s popular show De wereld draait door I made about 50 short animations which will support the emotions of the “Jakhalzen (Jackals)”.

“De Jakhalzen” is a returning item at the show. Several reporters make great reports. By using stop-motion animation I tried to show their emotions in an original way.

“De wereld draait door” is broadcasted every day at Nederland 3 at 7.30 pm.

You can watch an example by clicking this link


Jelle made this product animation for Buxus nursery van Dun. This movie shows the manufacturing process of the Buxus sempervirens. In august 2006 and august 2007 the movie was shown at the “Plantarium” in Boskoop. This animation is a nice example of an original product presentation.

Watch the movie here:




This Stop Motion Animation takes you into another world. In this world no physical laws count. The only laws that count are the laws of the Animator.

The intention of this movie is to show the viewer another perspective of their environment.

The movie is made for DVD but you can view the web version here: